about Kinthissa


Kinthissa was apprenticed for ten years to Gerda Geddes who pioneered the teaching of T'aichi Ch'uan in the UK. Gerda (Pytt) Geddes had lived in Shanghai in the period leading up to the revolution in China. On an early morning walk in the freshness through fields of crops, she turned a corner and was transfixed by a vision of unearthly grace : an old man completely absorbed in his t'aichi. A few years later in HongKong, she found Master Choy HawkPang, a disciple of Yang ChengFu, who taught her the Yang family's long form.

For some ten years, Kinthissa assisted her teacher and passed on Gerda Geddes' Yang Style T'aichi to students in London, Basel and Reykjavik. During this time, two teachers of Vipassana from Kinthissa's home country, Burma sensitized her to the arena of the mind at work within the frame of the body. Vipassana trains the awareness, as in the satipatthana sutta taught by the Buddha.

In China during the winter of 1986 - 1987, Kinthissa had her first encounter with Qigong when she learnt the Flying Crane, he xiang zhuang, created by Dr. Pang HeMing.

In the coming decade, popular "t'aichi" in the West was confronted by the discipline as practised in China, with the standing meditation ZhanZhuang at its core. Meeting Chen XiaoWang in 1995 and being trained intensively by him irrevocably changed Kinthissa's experience of her chosen discipline. Her book Turning Silk : A Diary of Chentaiji Practice (2009) documents her discovery of an inner cohesion forged and dredged by the currents of Qi.

In 2021, Zhineng Qigong surfaced in the foreground of her life. Dr. Pang Ming's all-embracing system meticulously crafts the initiate's passage from body through qi to mind and spirit. Her research into Zhineng Qigong led her to Dr. Pang's student, Xie Chuan. Since December 2021, she has been organizing for her friends and students to learn from Xie Laoshi.