about Xie Chuan


The way Xie Chuan teaches is difficult to describe. It is subtle yet very direct, sounding the depths of body, heart and mind.

His way is fiercely honest and authentic. It is guided by the following principles ~ Five conditions of practice

Xie Chuan changed the course of his life radically when in his late teens he applied and won a place on the intensive teacher's training course offered at Dr. Pang Ming's HuaXia Qigong research centre. This huge establishment in north China came to be known in the West as "the medicine-less hospital"; during the decade or so that Dr. Pang's centres were allowed to function, hundreds of thousands of Chinese who had been failed by modern medicine were welcomed and cared for.

After completing his training as a teacher, Xie Chuan stayed on at HuaXia to help in the administration of this unique utopian enterprise. Striking out on his own at each crucial junction, Xie Chuan continues to grow and share his vision, where living in society provides fodder for the soul.